Multnomah District Chairmanships 2021-2023

Awards                                  Carol Moore PDD


Budget & Finance              Janet Conley, PDD                          Carolyn Elsten, PDD

                                                Carol Moore, PDD                           Linda Shamp, PDD

                                                Colleen Foster                               


Blue Star Markers              Adrienne Clausen

           Carolyn Johnson

By Laws                                Debbie Simone                               


District Newsletter            

Editor                                      Janet Conley

Circulation                            Betty Bateman




Awareness & Recycling       Colleen Foster


Garden Therapy                 TBA

Gardens of                           Linda Shamp PDD


Library Arrangements      PP Midland, NC & PV Gresham, RR Rockwood

                                                For special occasions or when you desire to do it

Horticulture                          TBA                                                   

Indoor/Outdoor                   Colleen Foster

Judges Council                  Joan Burkett

Leach Botanical                 Janet Conley PDD

Membership                         ALL CLUBS

Memorial & Cheer              Annell Carlson

National Cemeteries          ALL CLUBS

Ways & Means                    Representative from each club

Garden Tour                        Carol Moore

Bulbs                                     Elaine Hutson

World Gardening                Linda Shamp PDD


*PPD – Past District Director