Multnomah & Clackamas District's Garden Club Work Dates

Friday, March 22, 2019. Take a look. Formulation of garden plot plan

Wednesday, April 10,  Firm up plants wanted list. 

Thursday, April 25, get ground ready

Wednesday, May 8, planting day

Tuesday, May 21, planting day #2

Tuesday, June 4, time to dead head

Friday, June 21, slug bait application?

Wednesday, July 10, recheck watering

Thursday, July 25, time to fertilize?

Tuesday, August 6, check for slug damage

Thursday, August 22, recheck water

Thursday, September 5, deadhead and trim

Tuesday, September September 17, anything need attention?

Tuesday, October 1, access choice of plants used this year

Friday, October 25, Closing of the Garden and Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

  ( time & location TBA). 

*Note:  If your club members wish to work at another date, please be sure to contact Oral Hull at 503-668-6195, to avoid interfering with other activities in the garden.

March 2019:

Oregon State Federation Garden Clubs  Spring Board Meeting, March 3-4, Host: Portland District 

April 2019:

National Garden Clubs Convention, April 30-May 5, Biloxi, Mississippi

Pacific Region Garden Clubs Convention, April 5-10, Van Nuys, California

June 2019:

Oregon State Federation Garden Clubs  92nd Annual Convention, June 9-12, Host:  Klamath Falls

September 2019:

National Garden Clubs Fall Board Meeting, September 18-20, St. Louis, MO

Monthly Board Meeting & Luncheon Hosts:

March – Powell Valley
April – District Luncheon – Ramblin’ Rows
May – Ramblin’ Rows
June – July – Happy Summer
August – Planning Meeting
September – Columbian
October – District Luncheon - Columbian
November – Night Crawlers
December – Merry Christmas

January – Petal Pushers
February – Powell Valley
March – Ramblin’ Rows
April – District Luncheon – Night Crawlers
May – Columbian

*Subject to change due to weather